Our talented design team follows the trends of the next year and creates new models according to the trends.  Our design team is always ready to give you a great service with its wide variety fabric qualities and samples. We always prepare our new collection in accordance with the customer’s expectations.

Gul Textile has been doing serious studies in the field of fabric design with our talented design team using own experiences in the fashion world. We always develop and produce fashionable fabric designs and show these products to our customers.


Fabrics:More than 4000 fabric qualities suitable for today’s fashion trends with a wide range of colors and weights ranging from 60gr/m2 to 450gr/m2. Woven fabrics : Dobby , jacquard , organza , seersucker , georgette , organdy , honeycomb , satin , chambray

Knitted fabrics : Rib knit , Milano rib knit , jersey , interlock , fleece knit , jacquard , spacer , pique knit , Knit 3D technique , lace knit , double face knit

Fibers :Cotton , wool , polyester , acetate , local , modal , viscose , acrylic , polyamide , microfiber , silk , linen , cupro , rayon , cashmere

Fabric production techniques :Burn out , Coating , Embroidery , Printed fabrics , Needle-punched , Bonding

Responsible products : Water repellent , Easy care , Eco-friendly production , Recycled polyester, cotton and polyamide , Organic cotton , Bi stretch , Anti bacterial , Fast drying fabric


Pattern making

The needs of our customers are fulfilled by our designer employees who are experts in their business by using most common software programs such as Gerber. Full pattern development support is available in Gul Textile and is free of charge for our customers.

Sample making

Gul Textile has an independently controlled and well-organized production sample department. Our sample department enables to produce their salesman-samples, proto-samples, collections and size-sets for our customers.

For us, the first prototype is the birth of our model. Our team is responsible to bring the prototype to life with using advanced technology we have and our sewing machine operators realize these prototypes with their years of experience.

Gul Textile is capable of answering to every kind of collection work as soon as possible and our team always communicates with our customers as quickly and efficiently as possible to change what our customers want.


Fabric production is one of the most important reasons for Gul Textile to be a successful company. Fabric production is at the center of every successful product line and this is our one of the strongest aspects or our company. Our Research and Development team performs various works for our collections according to the needs of the fashion market.


Production processes are planned according to the order forms received from our customers. The main objective of the planning department is to provide the materials needed for production with the information received from the customer representatives on time and to ensure the correct production planning and production flow.

In Gul Textile, in addition in-house production planning is carried out in order to provide the fastest production and shipment. In addition, the customers are informed by our team about the production every week.


When the fabrics and accessories are ready for processing, the tests of fabrics and accessories are checked according to the standards given in accordance with the regulations of the customers. Then, our production department starts production after these tests are approved by the customer.

After test approval, production starts with the cutting stage firstly. In cutting process, we use most common software program such as Gerber. After cutting, each batch passes through %100 quality control and is classified.



All kinds of embroidery, print and artwork are applied on the garment according to the demands of our customers. These operations can be done before or after washing depending on the design on garment.


We are working to offer continuously the best quality to our customers with our employees in sewing department. Our in-house production is done under the supervision of well-equipped quality controllers. As Gul Textile, we have a production system always renewing itself by following the advanced technologies.

Quality Control

All quality tests and reports made by Gul Textile are subjected to individual Quality Assurance Team. All the produced garments continue the processes like ironing, first quality control, %100 measurement check, optical control, labeling and packing. Depending on our customer needs garments are packed according to their packing regulations. The last step before the products are dispatched in a ready way is the final control of our quality controller and the final control of the customers when needed.



You don’t have to deal with logistics and its organization. As Gul Textile, we organize all kinds of truck, airline and ship shipments and deliver your goods directly to the warehouse.