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The better suppliers are those having long term business relationships with the brands and having the environmental sensitivity


To be sustainable producers, our main target should be to take important actions in order to provide a better life for the future generations.  We realize that we may provide stronger affairs for next generations.  Therefore, we decided to care ethical and sustainable manufacturing to become a better manufacturer and to have a better world.

The better suppliers are those having long term business relationships with the brands and having the environmental sensitivity. This sensitivity requires very long time and also big efforts. Gul Textile pays attention to the correct use of resources for a sustainable world. Our company commits to the followings to be more sustainable company;

-Protecting natural resources and using them more efficiently

-To share our energy policy and data with our business partners and to monitor every machine in our facilities to use our energy resources more efficiently

– Working with the consciousness of recycling after and during the production process

-Improving environmental awareness of employees by organizing trainings

-To use new and advanced technologies in our facilities to be able to find permanent solutions to environmental problems



Our company aims for bringing the working conditions of our employees to the highest level. At the same time, we have developed and implemented policies such as the prohibition of child labor and elimination of discrimination. Our company try to communicate effectively with our employees through various channels such as employee’s representation and dialogue mechanisms. It is our primary duty to ensure that each individual in the company has a strong sense of responsibility and that all activities comply with high ethical standards.

As Gul Textile, our main purpose is to create the supply chain of the future to help our customers be more successful in their competition and to improve people’s lives in our supply chain by respecting code of conduct requirements.

We believe that sustainable and eco conscious supply chain can be conducted only if the customer, the supplier and the people in supply chain are respected. Therefore, we pay attention to work with partners who can provide better conditions for their employees.

One of the main purposes of our company is to provide a much better, greener environment and sustainable suppliers to ensure that our responsibility to the society are fulfilled. We aim to make lives better for a thousand people along the supply chain.

All of our facilities have one of world-wide known social audit certificates such as SEDEX, BSCI, İSO 9001 or any similar ones.



As Gul Textile, we offer different career options to the skilled, open for improvement and communication, proactive and hard-working employees. We place the right candidates to the right job by testing their talents.

Our main policy is giving an equal pay for equal work. Every year we increase wages according to the performance of our employees.