Established in Istanbul in 2004, Gul Textile produces and exports every kind of circular knitwear and woven garments for ladies and men with high quality consciousness. We started off on our journey with a great excitement by providing the leading brands of the world with design and manufacturing services for woven and jersey products. We strive to perform the best in creativity, innovation, quality and manufacturing services to our international clients.

The management, design, planning and sourcing, sample making, human resources, and logistics activities are performed in Gul Textile Headquarter which is located in Botaş İş Merkezi in Başakşehir. Our inhouse production team of 380 people serves our customers in our Tekirdağ and Malkara factory.

We are trying to offer the best and fastest responding solutions for our clients. In today’s world, we consider both today’s and tomorrow’s generations’ needs as it should be. Our aim is providing fast, eco-friendly, high quality, flexible and innovative production together for our valuable clients.



Our aim is to provide fast and high-quality production to our customers seamlessly. With this understanding, we continually increase levels of customer satisfaction with our service, high quality manufacturing and competitiveness.



The success of our company is based on the efforts of our employees and our strongest asset is our dedicated and talented employees.

We are passionate about our business and what we produce. Making high quality, efficient and environmentally sustainable manufacturing is our main goal and will continue to be our top priority.

Gul Textile aims to be a leading company in the apparel manufacturing market with its sustainability, flexibility and production capacity. In line with this purpose, we add strength to our power with our employees every day.

Quality Policy

To ensure customer satisfaction, Gul Textile attaches great importance to quality requirements. Our strategy is to aim adapting lean philosophy and implementing lean methods in our facilities and we are working a lot to improve the quality management system continuously.

 Our production lines inspect each garment according to our quality control standards before, during and after production processes.

Before starting production, several tests are applied on fabrics, trims and garments according to customer needs and quality standards which are accepted by internationally laboratories. All test results before production must be successful in order to start the production.

We protect your brand name and intellectual property rights. We do not share patterns with anyone else and also your designs are well protected by us.

Our Values

-Sustainable and eco-friendly production

-To be transparent to our business partners

-To provide fast and high-quality production to our own customers

-Meeting customers’ expectations

-To obtain a strong position in the international clothing production market 

– Gul Textile works ethically and responsibly

Social Responsibility

Gul Textile fulfills the social requirements of its workers according to international accepted norms. The main points of our company policy are as follows:

-We have no employees under the minimum wage which is determined by the government

– Wages are given to our workers at the end of every month without showing any reason  

-All legal requirements regarding environmental subjects are implemented

– All doors are opened from the inside and the emergency exits are clearly marked

-There is no discrimination in terms of gender, race, political view and disabilities  

-People under 16 years of age cannot work  

-No forced labor

-To select our suppliers and partners from those with high social awareness